Our solution

We love it when we can provide our customers the optimal solution for their logistics.

LMS Solutions is designed and developed by EQUANS to take the headache out of your Logistics regarding flow, administration, management and data-exchange. As a modular framework, LMS can be tweaked to fulfill all the needs in every stage of your logistics process:

Logistic flow


Site Management

Create & manage master data, operational data, reporting
Data Exchange
With dB (SQL), ERP, Planning, PCS, DCS, MIS, LIMS, Cloud,...
Data-exchange, Process, Hardware, Logistic data and movements
Site Management

Yard Management

Identify trucks, vessels, wagons, containers,...
by person or vehicle RF-ID, order barcode, carrier transponders or license plates
Access control
Control access to site, area and locations
Waiting Area
Keep control of site and area occupation
Safety & Certificates
Control safety requirements related to logistics
Weighing (Manufacturer independent)
Handle the administration automatic and unmanned
Document handling
Create and print each possible document
Weigh note, freight note, loading order, CMR, BOM, Certificates,...
Yard Management

Logistic Automation

Basic modules
  • (Un-)Load control
  • Sampling control
  • Product analysis & Quality control
  • Tank & Silo inventory & control (blend, heat,...)
  • Object measurement for automatic positioning
  • Cleaning control
Custom solutions
  • Tank Terminal Automation (combination)
  • Weigh-Belt integration
  • Internal Traffic Control
  • ...
Logistic Automation

Cloud Solutions

Fleet Management
  • Fleet Management integration like TomTom
  • Work order management towards trucks, loaders & harvesters
  • Factory (un-)loading notifications
Field management
  • Manage farmer and field data
  • Planning
    • Monitor & manage
    • Live data on maps
Track & trace
  • Register real-time vehicle movements
  • Register machine data
  • Monitoring (& alarms)
  • Logbook
  • Monitor & manage
  • Live data on maps
Cloud Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Fleet control
  • Automatic order picking
  • Fleet tracking
  • Electronic delivery notes
Field control
  • Data sync, messaging, overload monitor
  • RF-ID & transponder integration
  • (Task-)planning, GIS, navigation
Field inspector
  • Quality
  • Planning updates
  • Rugged tablet PC solutions on Win7/8.1 (online & offline)
  • Smartphone solutions (Android)
Mobile Solutions


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