About LMS

We love it when we can provide our customers the optimal solution for their logistics.

LMS Solutions is designed and developed by ENGIE Fabricom to take the headache out of your Logistics regarding flow, administration, management and data-exchange. As a modular framework, LMS can be tweaked to fulfill all the needs in every stage of your logistics process:


LMS Area of Expertise


Order management
Linked and integrated with your ERP system
Self administration, unattended administration, pre-administration
portal solutions, smartphone applications,...
Linked with timeslot planning modules or providers
Freight control
Road and loading tracking, cleaning control,...
Plant access and safety
Plant access control, safety training management,...
Weight registration independent of weighbridge suppliers
Automated loading of bulk goods
Administration and control, linked with process
Sampling and analysis
Sample taking or integration, administration, tracking,...
Document handling
Freight notes, analysis labels, reports,...
Freight or status information by SMS, email, web service,...
Full cycle, real-time,...